The Ashmolean and the University of Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum is the University�s museum of Art and Archaeology. The Ashmolean�s historic collections are an integral part of the University�s intellectual heritage, having played an important part in research and teaching for over 300 years. The Museum�s holdings reflect the development of material and intellectual trends in collecting over this period, and form a rich resource for both faculty members and students in the University.

The Ashmolean caters to undergraduate courses which reflect the Curators� expertise in Archaeology and Anthropology; Prehistory, Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Classics, Ancient and Modern History; Classics; History of Art; Fine Art; and Islamic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese Art and Archaeology.

Postgraduate courses include Masters degrees in European Archaeology; World Archaeology; Landscape Archaeology; Professional Archaeology; Greek and/or Roman History; Classical Archaeology; Byzantine Studies; Cuneiform Studies; Egyptology; History of Art; Islamic Art and Archaeology; Modern Chinese Art and Literature. Masters students often continue their studies in these areas basing doctoral theses on the museum collections, supervised by museum staff. In addition, Museum staff also teach in related fields such as the History of Collecting.

Through the Ashmolean�s University Engagement Programme, the collections have been increasingly deployed in teaching into a number of non-traditional subjects, through handling sessions, gallery seminars, and teaching collaborations with faculty members. The Museum�s collections have been used extensively to teach into all four Divisions of the University, in over 25 departments, and at all degree levels. Advanced postgraduates from a range of disciplines have produced student-led gallery displays, workshops, and symposia.

Undergraduates from both the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes are invited to special evening events, and are often involved in the design and organisation of the highly popular Live Friday events that take place regularly at the Museum.

The Museum is a valued research asset for the academic community, as the collections and curatorial expertise are made available for wider scholarship through such programmes as the Ashmolean Project Portal which invites proposals from Oxford researchers to develop ideas alongside the Museum�s exhibition programme.