Photograph of ET Leeds
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Photograph of ET Leeds beside a trench
Exploring the Past through the Work of E.T. Leeds and A2A

E.T. Leeds Artefact Collection

During his career Edward Thurlow Leeds excavated and acquired a large number of objects, many of which are now held by the Ashmolean Museum. He kept a meticulous documentary record of a number of thse objects.

Drawing by E T Leeds of brooch from Filkins
Anglo-Saxon Brooch from Filkins (AN1909.495)
Drawing by E.T. Leeds of an Anglo-Saxon Brooch from Filkins in Oxfordshire (AN1909.495)

By combining the information in the Leeds documentary archive with records of excavation sites and artefacts held in the museum, it has been possible to establish the history of a number of the Leeds objects.

You can see more of the artefacts from sites excavated by Leeds by looking at Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire or case studies of some other sites he excavated.

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