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The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 1 The Lost Fragment
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[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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  [From all the records and general accounts] I have recorded [the previous times], beginning from Cecrops becoming first king of Athens, until [____] uanax was archon in Paros, and Diognetus in Athens.

1582/1BC 1) From when Cecrops became king of Athens and the place was called Cecropia, which had previously been called Actica from Actaeon who was native there, 1318 years.

1574/3BC 2) From when Deucalion became king near Parnassus in Lycoreia when Cecrops was king of Athens, 1310 years.

1532/1BC 3) From when there was a dispute at Athens between Ares and Poseidon, because of Poseidon's son Halirrhothius, and the place was called the Hill of Ares, 1268 years, when Cr[ana]os was king of Athens.

1529/8BC 4) From when there was a flood in the time of Deucalion, and Deucalion fled the waters from Lycoreia to Athens to [Cranaos] and [founded the temple of Olympian] Zeu[s, and] made offerings for his deliverance, 1265 years, when Cranaos was king of Athens.

1522/1BC 5) From [when Amphi]ctyon <the> son of Deucalion became king in Thermopylae and brought together those living round about the [tem]ple and named them [Amphictyons], and [sacrificed on their behalf], where the Amphictyons even now still make offerings , 1258 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.

1521/0BC 6) From when Hellen the [son of] Deuc[alion] became king of [Phthi]otis, and those previously called Greeks were named Hellenes, and [the Panath__ games____], 1257 [years], when Amphictyon was king of Athens.

1519/8BC 7) From when Cadmus the son of Agenor came to Thebes [_____and] built the Cadmeia, 1255 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.

1516/5BC 8) From when _____nices became king, 1252 years, when Amphictyon was king of Athens.

1511/0BC 9) From when [the first fifty-oared] ship [ prepared by Danaus] sailed from Egypt to Greece and was called a penteconter, and the daughters of Danaus, _____ and _____ and Helike and Archedike, chosen by lot by the rest, [founded the temple of Lindian Athene] and made offerings on the headland ____ in Lindos in Rhodes, 1247 years, [when Erichthonios] was king [of Athens].

1506/5BC 10) [From when] at the time of the first Panathenaia, [Erich]thonius yoked up a chariot and showed how to race, and [gave] the Athenians [their name, and the glory] of the mother of the gods appeared in Cybele, and Hyagnis the Phrygian first invented the Phrygian flute in ______, and first played [the music c]alled Phrygian, and other styles of the Mother, of Dionysus, of Pan and _______, 1242 years, when Erychthonius, who yoked horses to a chariot, was king of Athens.

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