The Parian Marble


The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 1 The Lost Fragment
Entries 11-20
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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1506/5BC 11) From when Minos [the first became king of Crete and settled Apoll]onia, and iron was discovered in Ida, by Celmis [and Damnameneus] of the Idaean Dactyls, [____ years], when Pandion was king of Athens.

1410/09BC 12) From when Demeter, coming to Athens, [invented] the seed corn, and the [first festival of ploughing time was celebrated, under the instruction of T]riptolemus, son of Celeus and Neaira, 1146 years, when Erechtheus was king in Athens.

1409/8BC 13) From when Tripto[lemus reaped the corn which] he sowed in the Rarian plain called Eleusis, 1[1]45 years, when [Erechtheus] was king of Athens.

1399/8BC 14) [From when Orpheus ____] made known his own poetry, the rape of Kore and the search of Demeter and [the seed created by her and the mult]itude of those receiving the corn, 1135 years when Erechtheus was king of Athens.

15) [From when Eumolpus _____] instituted the mysteries in Eleusis and made known the works of the [father of M]ousaios, [11______, when Erechthe]us son of Pandion [was king of Athens].

16) From when there was the first purification________ [____ years], when Pandion son of Cecrops was king of Athens.

17) From when in Eleusis the gymnastic [games]____________ the festival of Lycaian Zeus took place in Arcadia and _____ of Lycaon were given to the Hell[enes, ____ years] when Pandion son of Cecrops was king of Athens.

18) From when _________ Heracles ______, when Aegeus was king at Athens.

1295/4BC 19) From when there was [a shortage] of crops at Athens and, to the Athen[ians] consulting the oracle, [Apo]llo replied that they should promise whatever [penalty] Minos should think right, 1031 years, when Aegeus was king of Athens.

1259/8BC 20) From when Thes[eus, becoming king] of Athens, brought the 12 townships into one and gave them government and democracy, ______ of Athens, and after killing Sinis he established the Isthmian games, 995 years.

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