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The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 1 The Lost Fragment
Entries 21-30
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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1256/5BC 21) From [the invasion] of the Amazons [into Attica, 99]2 [years], when Theseus was king of Athens.

1251/0BC 22) From when the Argives [march]ed [against The]bes with Adras[tus] and [founded] the games [at Nemea because of Archemorus,] 987 years, when Theseus was king of Athens.

1218/7BC 23) From when the [Helle]nes marched against Troy, 954 years, in the 13th year that [Men]estheus was king of Athe[ns].

1209/8BC 24) From when Troy was taken, 945 years, in the <2>2nd year that [Menesthe]us was king of Athens, on the 7th day before the end of the month Th[argelio]n.

1208/7BC 25) From [the trial] on the Areopagus of Orestes, son of A[gamemnon, and Erigone,] daughter of [Ae]gisthus, [on behalf of Ae]gisthus and Cly[taemnestra]; which case Orestes won, [since the votes were equal]; [9]44 years, when Demophon was king of Athens.

1202/1BC 26) From when Teucer founded [Salamis in] Cyprus, 938 years, when Demophon was king of Athens.

1077/6BC 27) From when Ne[l]eus colonised [Miletus and all the] rest of [Ioni]a, Ephesus, Erythrae, Clazomenae, P[ri]ene, Lebedos, Teos, Colophon, Myus, [Phocaia], Samos, [Chios, and] the [Pan]ioni[an] games took place, [8]13 years, when Me[nestheus was king] of Athens [for the 13th year].

28) From when [Hes]iod the poet [appeared] 67____ years when _____ was king of Athens.

907/6BC 29) From when Homer the poet appeared, 643 years, when [D]iognetus was king of Athens.

30) From when Ph[ei]don the Argive made public meas[ures and]

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