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The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 2 The Oxford Fragment
Entries 31-40
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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895/4BC 30 cont) prepared [wei]ghts and made a silver coinage in Aegina, being the 11th from Heracles, 631 years, when [Pherecl]es was king of Athens.

31) From when Archias son of Euagetus, being the tenth from Temenus, led the emigration from Corinth [and founded] Syracu[se, ____ years], when Aeschylus was in his 21st year as king of Athens.

684/3BC 32) From when the annual archonship began, 420 years.

682/1BC 33) From when _________ 418 years, when Lysia[des] was archon at Athens.

645/4BC 34) From when Terpander the Lesbian, son of Derdenes, [made innovations] in the conventions of [lyre playing] _____ and changed the earlier style of music, 381 years, when Dropides was archon at Athens.

605/4BC 35) From when A[lyatte]s became king of the Lydians, [3]41years, when Aristocles was archon at Athens.

36) From when Sappho sailed from Mytilene to Sicily, fleeing _______, when the first Critias was [archon] at Athens, and in Syracuse the big landowners were in power.

591/0BC 37) [From when] the Am[phict]yons [sacrificed] after defeating Kyrrha, and the gymnastic contest was set up with a money prize from the spoils, [32]7 years, when Simon was archon at Athens.

582/1BC 38) From when the contest [for the wr]eath was established [at Delphi] again, 318 years, when the second Damasius was archon at Athens.

39) From when in Ath[en]s the [chorus of] comic [actors] was instituted, which the Icarians [first set up] and Sousarion invented, and a prize was first set of an arsichos of figs and a measure of wine, [______years, when _____ was archon at Athens.] ______.

561/0BC 40) From when Peisistratus became tyrant of Athens, 297 years, when C[o]m[e]us was archon [at Athens].

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