The Parian Marble


The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 2 The Oxford Fragment
Entries 41-50
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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556/5BC 41) From when Croesus [sent envoys from] Asia [to] Delphi, [29]2 [years], when Euthydemus was archon at Athens.

541/0BC 42) From when Cyrus king of the Persians took Sardis and Croesus ____, [277 years, when _____ was archon at Athens, and] also Hipponax the iambic poet [lived] about this time.

43) From when Thespis the poet, who brought out a play in the city, was the first to (speak in dialogue), and (the prize) of a goat was established, 2[7___] years, when _______naius the earlier was archon at Ath[ens].

520/19BC 44) From when after the death of the Magian Darius became king of the Persians, [2]56 years, when ________ was archon at Athens.

512/1BC 45) From when Harmodius and [Aristoge]iton kil[led Hippa]rchus [the successor] of Peisistratus, and the Athenians [drove] the Peisistratids outside the [P]elasgian wall, 248 years, when Ha[rpactides] was archon at Athens.

510/09BC 46) From when choruses of men first competed, which contest Hypo[di]cus the Chalcidian won as trainer, 246 years, when Lysagoras was archon at Athens.

495/4BC 47) From when Me[lan]ippid[es] of M[elos won] at Athens, 231 years, when Pythocritus was archon at Athens.

491/0BC 48) From when the Athenians fought at Marathon against the Persians, and Ar[taphernes the] nephew of Darius, [and Da]tis the general, which battle the Athenians won, 227 years, when the second [Ph]ain[i]p[pid]es was archon at Athens. Aeschylus the poet fought in this battle, aged 35.

490/89BC 49) From when Simonides the grandfather of Simonides the poet, who was himself a poet too, took the prize at Athens, and Darius dies and Xerxes his son is king, [2]26 years, when Aristeides was archon at Athens.

486/5BC 50) From when Aeschylus the poet first won with a tragedy, and Euripides the poet was born, and Stesichorus the poet [arrived] in Greece, 222 years, when Philocrates was archon in Athens.

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