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The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 2 The Oxford Fragment
Entries 51-60
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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481/0BC 51) From when Xerxes lashed together the bridge in the Hellespont and dug through Athos, and the battle in Thermo[py]lae took place, and the sea battle of the Hellenes against the Persians around Salamis, in which battle the Hellenes were victorious, 217 years, when Calliades was archon in Athens.

480/79BC 52) From when the battle of the Athenians at Plataea took place against Mardonius the general of Xerxes, which battle the Athenians won, and Mardonius died in the battle, and [in] Sicily fire erupted around Etna, 216 years, when Xanthippus was archon in Athens.

479/8BC 53) From when G[e]lon the son of Deinomenes became tyrant of S[yracuse] 215 years, when Timosthen[es] was archon in Athens.

477/6BC 54) From when Simonides of Kos, who was the son of Leoprepes, and who invented a system of mnemonics, trained actors and won a prize at Athens, and the statues of Harmodius and Aristogeiton were put up, 21[3] years, when [A]deimantus was archon in Athens.

472/1BC 55) From when Hieron became tyrant of Syracuse, 208 years, when Cha[r]es was archon at Athens. Epicharmus the poet too was about this time.

470/69BC 56) From when Sophocles of Colonus, son of Sophillus, won with a tragedy at the age of 28, 206 years, when Apsephion was archon at Athens.

469/8BC 57) From when the stone fell in Aegospotami, and Simonides the poet died at the age of 90, 205 years, when Theagenides was archon in Athens.

463/2BC 58) From when Alexander died and his son Perdiccas is king of the Macedonians, 19[9] years, when Euthippus was archon in Athens.

457/6BC 59) From when Aeschylus the poet, having lived for 69 years, died in [Gel]a in Sicily, 193 years, when Callias the earlier was archon at Athens.

443/2BC 60) From when Euripides first won with a tragedy at the age of 44, 1[79] years, when Diphilus was archon in Athens. Socrates and Anaxagoras lived about the time of Euripides.

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