The Parian Marble

The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 2 The Oxford Fragment
Entries 61-70
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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421/0BC 61) From when Archelaus is king of the Macedonians after the death of Perdiccas, 1[57] years, when Astyphilus was archon at Athens.

411/0BC 62) From when Dionysius became tyrant of Syracuse, 14[7] years, when Euctemon was archon at Athens.

409/8BC 63) From when Euripides died [having lived for 7_ years,] 145 years, when Antigenes was archon at Athens.

407/6BC 64) From when Sophocles the poet died, having lived 92 years, and Cyrus went inland, [143 years], when Callias the earlier was archon at Athens.

403/2BC 65) From when Telestes of Selinus won at Athens, 139 years, when Mikon was [arch]on at Athens.

401/0BC 66) From when [the Hellenes who] had gone inland [with] Cyrus [came down to the coast], and Socrates the philosopher died at 70 years of age, 137 years, when Laches was archon at Athens.

399/8BC 67) From when Ar[i]sto[nous_____ won] at Athens, 135 years, when Aristocrates was archon at Athens.

68) From when Polyidos of Selymbria won with a dithyramb at Athens, 1[__] years, [______ was archon at Athens].

380/79BC 69) [From] when Philoxenus the dithyrambist dies, aged 55, 116 years, when Pytheus was archon at Athens.

377/6BC 70) From when Anaxandrides the comic [playwright won at Athens, 113 years,] when Callias [was archon] at Athens.

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