Stonehenge and the Ashmolean

Henry Browne's Model of Stonehenge in 1824 Henry Browne's Model of the reconstructed Stonehenge
Stonehenge as it was in 1824.
Cork model by Henry Browne. N.C.331.
Stonehenge reconstructed.
Cork model by Henry Browne. N.C.330.
The prehistoric monument of Stonehenge has been an attractive subject of research for centuries. There has been a wide range in the approach to the study of the Wiltshire World Heritage Site, from surveying and drawing to excavation. The collection at the Ashmolean Museum reflects the historical development of interest in Stonehenge, as well as the evolution of archaeological technology and methodology over the last two centuries.
These Web pages contain information about the objects currently in the collections at the Ashmolean Museum that are associated with Stonehenge.
The Ashmolean contains the following collections relating to Stonehenge:
  • Objects from the collection of A.D. Passmore.
  • Objects from the Hawley excavations (1921-28).
  • Aerial photographs from the Major Allen collection.
  • A miniature model of Stonehenge made by Mr. Henry Browne of Amesbury.
  • A series of watercolours by Mr. Henry Browne of Amesbury.
  • Miscellaneous documents and single objects.
  • Bibliography relating to Stonehenge and the Ashmolean collections.

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  • List of objects from the Passmore Collection
  • List of objects from the Hawley Excavation
  • List of aerial photographs from the Major Allen collection
  • List of miscellaneous items relating to Stonehenge
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