Department of Antiquities

Unique water-jug combining Cypriot
and Phoenician shapes and images,
700-600 BC, AN1885.366.

Ancient Cyprus

With some 7000 registered objects, the Ashmolean�s collection of Cypriot antiquities ranks among the largest and most significant Cypriot collections worldwide outside Cyprus. It illustrates the culture and history of ancient Cyprus, a cultural crossroads between Orient and Occident, from the earliest settlements on the island in about 10.000 BC until the Roman period. The great majority of the objects – pottery, terracotta figurines, sculpture, metal-work and jewellery – date to the Bronze and Iron Ages from about. 2000 – 300 BC and come from British excavations at various sites all over the island listed in a site catalogue of the Ashmolean�s Ancient Cyprus website. There is also a fine collection of pottery from the crusader period (Lusignan period) about 1100 – 1400 AD and a small coin collection curated by the Heberden Coin Room. A list of archaeological sites represented by the collection can be found here. The collection is in the process of being digitised for web-publication beyond the current Ashmolean Cyprus website.

Online Resources

For more information on the collection contact Dr Anja Ulbrich, A.G. Leventis curator of Cypriot Antiquities: