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Anglo-Saxon Discovery

(HLF funded project in partnership with the Access to Archives Programme of The National Archives, Oxfordshire Sites and Monuments Record, and the Oxfordshire Record Office)

Anglo-Saxon Discovery

A web-based learning resource aimed at schools and anyone interested in the Anglo-Saxons. The website forms part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project based on the work of former Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and prominent archaeologist Edward Thurlow Leeds. The work of Mr Leeds and the collection of Anglo-Saxon artefacts at the Ashmolean Museum were used as the basis for an educational website aimed at children. This was created with the help of the Ashmolean Education Service in the museum and two primary schools in Oxford. It has been designed for use by schools for teaching Key Stage 2 History as well as for use by the general public.

Ancient Near East and Cyprus

Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Online Catalogue)
Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas

Catalogue of the Museum's collection of Near Eastern terracottas by the late Dr Roger Moorey, Keeper of the Department of Antiquities from 1983-2002.

Iraq - Navel of the World (Presentation)
Iraq - Navel of the World

Presentation based on a cross-department temporary exhibition on the archaeology and history of Iraq held in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford from April 2003 to March 2004. Both exhibition and website were designed by Luke Treadwell (Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum) and Eleanor Robson (University of Cambridge).

The Sumerian King-List (Weld-Blundell Prism) (FAQ)
The Weld-Blundell Prism

Information about one of the treasures of the Ashmolean Museum, the Sumerian King-List written in cuneiform, which also makes reference to a great flood.

Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museum (Presentation)
Ancient Cyprus

This presentation of information about the Ancient Cypriot collections at the Ashmolean Museum was created as part of a documentation project funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) with the aims of improving access to the collection and displaying the material to a far wider audience than is possible in the Museum building alone. The website provides both general information and a series of 'Highlights of the Collection' web tours about specific parts of the collection.

Cypriot Copper: Mysteries of the Bronze Age (Learning Resource)
Cypriot Copper

A learning resource about the Bronze Age in Cyprus based on the Ashmolean collections.

Ancient Cyprus
Ancient Cyprus

By A C Brown and H W Catling, 1986 (Out of print publication)

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

The Sackler Gallery
The Sackler Gallery

The Sackler Gallery of Egyptian Antiquities provides visitors with an overview of the culture of Ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom to the 7th century AD. Opened in September 2003 after a three-year refurbishment of the space formerly occupied by the Dynastic Gallery, it offers a chronological survey that also highlights specific topics such as writing and education, state and personal religion, funerary beliefs, magic, art, crafts, and technology. The full texts of the gallery's information panels and labels will be available on this site, together with some key object images.

Ancient Egypt and Nubia: brief guide to the Ashmolean collections
Ancient Egypt and Nubia

A brief guide to the history and extent of the Ashmolean's collections, with a searchable site index and features on some of the most famous objects.

List of sites and excavations from which the Ashmolean Museum holds material

Site List.

Cyclades and Minoan Crete

Arthur Evans Archive (Knossos excavations)
Arthur Evans Archive

Digitisation project about the archival records of Sir Arthur Evans' work at Knossos, Crete.

Ancient Greece and Rome

The Metrological Relief (FAQ)
Metrological Relief

Information about one of the treasures of the Ashmolean Museum, a marble slab roughly triangular in shape carved in relief with the upper body of a man looking to his left and with his arms outstretched, which depicts standard units of measurements (5th century BC).

The Parian Marble (FAQ)
Parian Marble

Information about one of the treasures of the Ashmolean Museum: the earliest extant example of a Greek chronological table.

The Burgon Archive Project
The Burgon Archive Project

A catalogue of the collection of watercolours and information about classical antiquities compiled by Thomas Burgon (1787-1858).

Ancient Italy
Ancient Italy

By Ann Brown, 1980 (Out of print publication).

Scythian Treasures in Oxford
Scythian Treasures

By Michael Vickers, 1979 (Out of print publication).

From Silver to Ceramic
From Silver to Ceramic

By Michael Vickers, Oliver Impey and James Allan, 1986 (Out of print publication).

British and European Archaeology

Rationalisation and Enhancement of Historic British Archaeology Collection
The Alfred Jewel

Website for the project concerning the historic British Archaeological collections held by the Ashmolean Museum.

Archives and Artefacts: Exploring the past through A2A and the work of E T Leeds
Photograph of E T Leeds

Website for the project concerning the work of pioneering archaeologist, E T Leeds and his work in Oxfordshire and with the Anglo-Saxons.

Monumental Brass Rubbings
Brass rubbings

Online catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum's collection of approximately 5000 brass rubbings made over a number of years by the Oxford University Archaeological Society, the Oxford Architectural and Historical Society and others.

PotWeb: Ceramics Online

Online catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum's ceramic collections; also associated learning resources concerning the history of ceramics.

TileWeb: An Archive of Paving Tiles

Online catalogue of the archive of Medieval paving tiles in the Parker-Hore Collection, Worcester, and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire (Presentation)
Historic Oxfordshire

Website for the HLF funded research project on the work of five key archaeologists working in Oxfordshire (c.1870-1950). Includes catalogue of archival material from the archaeologists held by the Museum.

Historic Air Photos
Historic air photos

Online catalogue of aerial photographs taken by Major George Allen, one of the pioneers of the technique during the 1930s, and Derrick Riley; with an historical introduction to aerial photography in the service of archaeology (still under construction).

Stonehenge and the Ashmolean Museum (FAQ)

Online catalogue of material from the site of Stonehenge held by the Ashmolean Museum, and discussion of how this collection reflects the historical development of interest in Stonehenge, as well as the evolution of archaeological technology and methodology over the last two centuries.

History of the Ashmolean and Archaeology

The Historical Development of the Ashmolean (FAQ)
Portrait of Elias Ashmole

Information about the history of the Ashmolean Museum. See also History and Future.

The Tradescant Collection (Learning Resource)
The Tradescant Crest

Online catalogue of some of the material from the founding Tradescant collection, and information about the Tradescants and their collection.

The Sir John Evans Centenary Project
Portrait of Sir John Evans

Website for the project concerning the archive and collection of Sir John Evans, one of the key figures in the history of archaeology and numismatics.

John Evans' Lake-Dwelling Collection
John Evans' Lake-Dwelling Collection

Online catalogue and discussion of the Sir John Evans collection of material from prehistoric lake dwellings in the Alpine region.